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I'm sure you know every woman on the planet, right?
Fuck off retard. I have multiple friends that disagree with you.

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>> No.25213974

This is a great way to do it god I wish I was Kanata

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>> No.25213976

>Coco and Kanata in the same room
The doujins wrote themselves and became reality

>> No.25213977

>E-everyone who disagrees with me is reddit!!!!

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>> No.25213979

She is doing well too. Saw her with 1.6k viewers streaming with some pros and her sub count has doubled in the last week.

>> No.25213980

Choco is way too generous in giving these kisses.
Still got me every time.

>> No.25213981

So they're in separate apartments but are next door neighbors?

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>> No.25213983

Apartment, then they're split into twos since the rooms are huge.

>> No.25213984

>The pics are easily found online
nobody knows what she looks like

>> No.25213985

Uruha Ichinose.

>> No.25213986

the absolutely state of marine

>> No.25213989

The next thread better be an anemachi thread

>> No.25213990

Anonchama... her name is Ichinose.

>> No.25213991

Pretty much, yea

>> No.25213992

Doesn't make sense for her to do all that Touhou stuff

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>> No.25213995

It’s fun watching him act like a monkey

>> No.25213997

So the Anemachi is Suisei's wife narrative is true...

>> No.25213998

WHOA, Coco is THAT rich!?

>> No.25213999

Anemachi won't starve anymore

>> No.25214001

Choco cooking.

>> No.25214002

>the Tenma Astel Rubero was postpones
i need my boys asap

>> No.25214003

She forgot once some weeks ago and it just didn't feel right, like I was missing something

>> No.25214004

>Women usually look down on mysognist males who hate women

>> No.25214005

How will kson stream now if Kanata's gonna be behind her

>> No.25214007

I honestly want a separated Towa thread. I don't want to be in the same place as any other faggots.

>> No.25214008

Probably rented out the whole floor like what they said before.

>> No.25214009

>it's [headcanon]
woah....I never considered that....I need to reflect and update my opinion

>> No.25214011

Sorry her last two streams have been 2.5 and 2.7k peak.

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>> No.25214013

do it yourself

>> No.25214016

I set my phone to jp and Bluestacks is just too slow for my setup, so I managed a week.

It’s not bad really but I have other gacha games

>> No.25214017

Honestly ever gen/girl should just have a separate thread but you'd need a separate board for that.

>> No.25214019

>pekora is the blue player and marine is red

>> No.25214020

Uhm guys, I'm starting to support the pekomari ship...

>> No.25214022

You were found out reddit friend. It happens. Just be more careful next time.

>> No.25214023

It's kind of unfair that they are spending so much on the homos despite them being low performers

>> No.25214024

she said she'd make sure to completely lock and soundproof her room

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>> No.25214026

I'm suddenly excited for the next Tifa stream

>> No.25214027

im not interested in whatever the fuck you're saying and i dont think there's any sane reason for you to share a thread with me

>> No.25214029

Anemachi is still around, All I care about to be honest.

>> No.25214039

She's the laziest yonkisei

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>> No.25214043

She'll be exiled to Suisei and Anemachi's sex dungeon

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