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thats subjective

>> No.22420951

if dogs tasted good and were healthy then whats the problem

>> No.22420952

in comparison to what?

>> No.22420953

yea that's why talking about what's moral or not is meaningless we actually just don't know. even everything i'm saying in this post is meaningless.

>> No.22420958

>You can do anything that doesn't hurt any human or its property
eating meat contributes to climate change which will destroy our planet thereby killing off humanity, ergo you can't eat meat. qed. i recommend lentil curry bro

>> No.22420966

>which will destroy our planet
lol no it won't it'll just make crops lower quality and increase the cost of living in places.

>> No.22420967

>not understanding "truth is subjectivity"

>> No.22420968

if we ate the rich we wouldnt have gotten ourselves into this mess

>> No.22420977

nothing exists until a human deems it so

we are basically gods creating our own universe

pretty awesome stuff

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>> No.22420981

>ate the rich
do you browse /leftypol/, jamal?

>> No.22420982

you're really retarded if you believe this. It's not the fact that you're eating meat that contributes to climate change, it's intensive livestock production. If you eat local meat, if you don't eat meat in every meal or if you kill and eat the animals that you raised yourself then it's fine. Also, most of the vegetarian substitute or tofu is destroying our biodiversity by relying on intensive croppings

>> No.22420983

i think you're underestimating the potential impact of global climate change if it continues at this rate.

>> No.22420986

>lentil curry

>> No.22420988

lmao he was right

>> No.22420990

thats really kantian bro

>> No.22420991

>if it continues at this rate
which it won't. so the worst that's gonna happen is worse crops and more parasites in certain places and other dumb shit that on the whole won't really matter.

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>> No.22421001

destruction of our biodiversity matters tho. A lot of bugs and birds are dying and it's because of our intense production of food which is unnatural

>> No.22421003

idk who hume is but he's probably a faggot.

>> No.22421007

I guess you live in a big city then, I don't see why I shouldn't eat my own chickens or my own rabbits, or the fish that lives in my pond

>> No.22421008

for my next anime should i watch
kimagure orange
shugo chara
or kami nomi zo shiru sekai

>> No.22421011

lol i said in the west bro not bumfuck argentina or whatever shithole you live in

>> No.22421012

sometimes the earth suffers from mass extinction events and sometimes it suffers from minor extinction events like what humans are causing. not a big deal. this is just fear mongering.

>> No.22421013

だねwww (´・ω・`)

>> No.22421014

i wish we could go back to the moment that guy posted the bunneh vid

that was the most joy ive felt from these threads in weeks

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man today was terrible

>> No.22421016

1 and 3 are both good choices

>> No.22421023

dude the united states is made of country side, we don't all live in NY. Btw I live in France and it's one of the most rural country of the EU too. You've just proved how much of a retard you are

yeah but this one is not natural

>> No.22421026

>yeah but this one is not natural
why on earth is the distinction between what humans are causing and what the solar system causes relevant

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>> No.22421029

actually humans are part of nature dude

it is unfortunately natural

theres nothing in this universe that is actually unnatural lol

>> No.22421037

except this guys japanese >>22420978

never smart mouth me again

>> No.22421042

Philosophically, human is not a part of nature because even in his garden he lives in an artificially arranged nature. You can't deny his impact like this

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lmao nice language goblin is a fucking verb

>> No.22421046

tfw cant tell why its bad

>> No.22421052

if humans not part of nature then why is it that when the planet dies the humans die

hmmm bet thats not in ur thousands of years old fairy tale book is it

>> No.22421054

>because even in his garden he lives in an artificially arranged nature
nature rearranging nature is still nature

>> No.22421056

just closed my eyes and imagined my dick getting sucked by a woman and i could actually feel it for a split second wtf is this sorcery

>> No.22421063

get a becky fleshlight and u will start freaking out when u do this

>> No.22421070

nah dude were gonna have so much space junk in orbit we will have trapped our idiot selves in

a demonstration of the most epic self own in the universe

planetes is a good anime

>> No.22421071

wtf i found moe https://streamable.com/agg20

>> No.22421075

you could take it further and develop a tulpa to fuck you

>> No.22421077

planetes is the best space anime for many reasons

>> No.22421087

no way thats what he aspires to be

>> No.22421112

wym, thats what he already is

>> No.22421114

oh no he looks like a friend of mine

>> No.22421118

im saying hes a gimmick a character but not really the way he seems

>> No.22421122

sick banjo music

>> No.22421124

moe is too much of a generic 4chan loser to be real

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