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>Still Shimakaze
>image is from 2015
based retard

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There's no more recent polls available

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>responded to wrong post
based retard
why am I even feeding you?

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There's no more recent polls available

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Ready to Isekai Ise Kai

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By giving up on two of four daihatsu.

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but why

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I can't believe nocua is memedalet

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2B is very nice and helpful gal

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Would Kaga be improved if she wore glasses

>> No.22424209

She's shit no matter what.

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Kamikaze dresses like an old lady.

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Kamikaze most volleybll

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Like this?

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Does anyone have that overkill protection table that shows the odds of getting taiha at different HP values? I have a few spare kaiboukan I wanna feed someone.

>> No.22424388

EXACTLY like this.

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Thanks, anon.
Huh, so 38 is better than 37. Go figure.

>> No.22424460

38 is 0% to light damage though. You instantly go into orange status.

>> No.22424479

True, but I'd rather have that than a higher taiha rate. Just have to avoid 36/40 for post-marriage destroyers, I guess.

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You lose 3.5% into red for 5.4% yellow? It doesn't look worth it. I could understand if you gain the same amount, but this felt like a loss.

>> No.22424741

>tfw kinda want to max out wife HP just for the sake of maxing out everything but that would put her in the shit range so I only went 1 HP instead

>> No.22424747

I'd say it depends on whether you want to use the destroyer as a bosskiller or a low damage support player. Orange health isn't enough against high armor.

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Maruyufag found his match.

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>> No.22424945

Which event did he fail?

>> No.22424956

For some ships, yellow is better, but for other ships, survivability is better. You want yellow HP for escort fleet ships.

>> No.22424972

metapods fight.

>> No.22424991

You want yellow HP for most carriers too.

>> No.22425022

No, Haruna. No. Use a pocky.

>> No.22425110

Doing a quick check, he failed winter 2015.

>> No.22425111

First memedal event he an out of ammo after 182 times.

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>no charger
>no mustang

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Worst bongo

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Still good.

>> No.22425193

Huh, somehow got the Koungos mixed up with Kido Butai there...

>> No.22425671

Someone made the next thread a little early.

>> No.22425678

more like the shitposter

>> No.22425684

I'm the usual OP, I usually make them when I notice we're last on the last page when I suspect some nigger is trying to use the OP for their shitposting. Usually you can tell because some fuckhead is bumping threads. Anyways, jannies deleted at least once thread so when I made it this one didn't get archived since we're not at thread cap. Ignore it until this one gets archived.

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