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yeah youtubers are irrelevant when talking about youtubers

>> No.22421091

Flare and her demon sister are bad at Souls

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>regular youtubers are irrelevant when talking about virtual youtubers
ftfy m80

>> No.22421100

Collab when?

>> No.22421102

well well well where did you learn to post like that? that most certainly doesn't seem like /jp/ style posting

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Suisei, yes!
Aki-chan, no...

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>What the hell is wrong with the land down under?

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A collab was planned and then canceled, something about popularity but doesn't really care about numbers or lurkers in her chat but just relaxing with chat, or someone came into her stream/twitter replies and said she wasn't fun/interesting enough. Not sure which of the three it is but it doesn't really seem to be anything serious.

>> No.22421123

I love Sasaki Saku yayo

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>> No.22421130

Give me back my furnaces, ahopanda.

>> No.22421141

I thought that was canceled because she overslept

>> No.22421150

https://youtu.be/0_PHSL4wER4?t=2669 for you

>> No.22421157

She talked about various episodes caused by her height.

>> No.22421158

>or someone came into her stream/twitter replies and said she wasn't fun/interesting enough
How could anyone dislike Camomi?

>> No.22421159

Whatever it is, seems like its just her worrying too much over nothing and not some huge deal, since it seems to be contained entirely to twitter.

>> No.22421171

Sakku Mai Dikku

>> No.22421172

Can this be a 1000 post thread?

>> No.22421177

What's with this magic number? Everything from anime to JAV when it comes to tall girls it's always 176, never 175 or 177 or 179.

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>> No.22421181

Gonna have myself a time

>> No.22421186

I'm 176, I think it's just the most average number you can think of

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Fluffy cat & dog

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For some reason I want pic related Kurumi version. ;_;

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>> No.22421204

>she wasn't fun/interesting enough
No, she's not. Camomi is endearing, sweet and wife material.

>> No.22421208

s-stop this

>> No.22421211

Glad more people are playing this

>> No.22421227

Someone should really tell these chuubas to play on expert mode, and also tell the devs to rename it from expert mode to "hard" or something.

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I laughed harder than I should have.
I wish they didn't cut the video.
Not making a ringfit session with Ai and her clones is a fucking waste of potential, as usual.

>> No.22421241

That white tiled background always reminds me of euphoria.

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If you follow her Twitter you'll occasionally notice she's busy all the time but she almost never tells us>>22418262 >>22418424
On the things that we know but she doesn't tell us she also went on a trip to Okinawa for the TV special she's hosting. Getting all of them together is probably not that easy.

>> No.22421271

Expert mode is a real bad idea for your first run through, unless someones really going to carry you.

>> No.22421273

This is why her schedule is at those hours!

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>> No.22421278

thats a man

>> No.22421285

Busy with useless bullshit then. If they are pretending to put her with "famous" people to engage her presence, it's not working.
I'm not seeing her on my normalfag bubble.

>> No.22421305

How many chuubas are going to be streaming the new Pokemon games?

>> No.22421311

Maybe if they're playing solo, but if you're in a group then you should really play on expert mode. Normal mode bosses are a joke for the most part while in a group and only one person gets loot from them.

>> No.22421323

I am so triggered right now.

>> No.22421324

A lot, but hey at least it's more streams during dead hours since it doesn't come out till midnight Jap time and lots of chuubas are doing races to the end of the game.

>> No.22421330

>Normal mode bosses are a joke
I highly recommend you watch the stream first. It took them an hour to even go underground, and they made weird air-lock systems just to fight single enemies safely. They're all good at games, just not this particular one.

>> No.22421337

People in Japan are seeing her a lot and not just otaku.
But we'll see of it's just useless fluff if she doesn't get a gig to promote the olympics next year.

You also have to consider that Kizuna AI is not just a YouTube thing.

>> No.22421340

Well there's that big Tenkaiji tournament and the HoloNiji thing too
I know Natori and Taisa are probably interested in it too

>> No.22421350

This, she's a brand afterall. You can't just promote a brand in one place!

>> No.22421351

They already saw her, shoving her into retarded talk shows like an out of favour actor doesn't really do anything.

>> No.22421404

Two of them are playing mediumcore characters and none of them know anything about the game, they barely got anything done.
I thought Kanae had played it before, but maybe that was Akkun?

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