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>> No.22059066

developers trying to give off any air of competence generally dont use demonstration screenshots using their personal config

>> No.22059070

watching 10'000 hours of jav is actually possible, not like watching 10'000 hours of anime.

>> No.22059073

how much do you understand with subs

>> No.22059079

5%, 1% without

>> No.22059081

thinking of installing tv screens all over the walls of my room like in the shitty matrix movies and playing different anime on all of them for immersion

>> No.22059087

good idea

>> No.22059088

how can i figure out exactly what % of something i understand like those mia guys?

>> No.22059094
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if you even have to task then you're screwed. right side of the line and you'll just know.

>> No.22059097

if you dont understand 100% you should keep learning japanese

>> No.22059105

meisou girl said even natives cant understand 100% of what they hear in anime though. that's why she watches with english subs

>> No.22059106

if u watch more jav than anime ur fucked
worry about knowing some nihongo before u worry about ur listening being shit

>> No.22059112

>worry about knowing some nihongo before u worry about ur listening being shit
no i'm not letting my listening lag far behind my reading i've let that go on for too long.

>> No.22059113

lets say they might find a new word once every couple anime so they understand 99.99%+

>> No.22059115

it doesnt seem very far behind

>> No.22059116

did you not see the numbers my reading is 5x better than my listening idiot.

>> No.22059122

but you understand like 5 lines of every 100 reading and 1 line of every 100 listening. you're only missing a few lines due to your listening skill

>> No.22059132

and those lines are gonna take a year to fill in.

>> No.22059138
File: 204 KB, 2280x1330, bell curve.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the worst thing about this shit is the only name u put in the right place is anime godfather
my chart was useful and informative

>> No.22059139

probably a few years

>> No.22059140

exactly so why is that idiot pretending 4 more lines per 100 isn't a huge gap

>> No.22059141

Probably because Heisig was too much of a cuck to include such kanji instead of the general rarity of it.

>> No.22059142

Can we stop with the constant comments like "retard", "idiot", etc. Really lowers the quality the place and we're better than that.

>> No.22059147

do u think heisig was even based enough to read dojin
i think heisig was in the no fap forever wave

>> No.22059151

anyone have jap subs for 天気の子?
there are none on kitsunekko.

>> No.22059161

If you think swearing is a bigger problem on here than passive aggressiveness than you're the problem.

>> No.22059172

one of the mia cultists should make one of those anki simulators that lets u enter in ur masturbation cycle and the peak focus boost and focus drain of nofap and kenjataimu and postfap so they can optimize their wanking just like they optimized their interval modifier

>> No.22059184

the interval modifier thing is pretty cool but not actually created by matto

>> No.22059188

i said cultists also isnt it fuckin broken as shit

>> No.22059192

never mind i dont know what that is i was thinking of something else

>> No.22059196

That Anki simulator doesn't even work. It just spits out the same answer every time and half the settings don't even seem to do anything.

>> No.22059204

doesnt matter i just want an anki fap cycle optimizer to exist even if its that fucked

>> No.22059212

Does someone know where I can watch South Park in japanese?

>> No.22059238

that other guy wasn't me:
the kanji i thought about was 頚 like in 頚管粘液

>> No.22059240

no but i know where you can get the dub of the office

>> No.22059248

>idiot, retard
Lul do zoomers really think those are swear words?

>> No.22059255

I'm a big boy so I only watch anime and cartoons.

>> No.22059282

u'll need to take care of your micros and macros before you can even dare to optimize your anki fap cycle

>> No.22059310

ur microimmersion through passive listening and ur sharex macros ?

>> No.22059328

how can I be actively aggressive in this thread?

>> No.22059331

study qms posts

>> No.22059332

no i'm talking about nutrition prolly the most important thing to maximize your fap (=nihongo gaines) sessions and minimize your 不応期

>> No.22059335

Call someone a retard.

>> No.22059343

can nutrition really make me 連続射精 my way to fluency

>> No.22059351

quizlet said that though

>> No.22059352

I mean if you do sport in addition to that it could happen but we all know you won't do that

>> No.22059366

maybe they both said it because she definitely did. either way quizlet has never spoken to a japanese person in his life, unlike meisou girl who lives in japan. his opinion is irrelevant

>> No.22059389

i mean most people in this thread dont want to speak to japs either

thats why everyone pretends like you have to watch 100k hours of anime first before even attempting to speak the language

>> No.22059393

why would you want to speak to japs? I just want to consume their media

>> No.22059403

why are you posting about something unrelated to the discussion? we're talking about whether or not natives can comprehend 100% of anime (ie consumption of media), speaking to japs is just a way of finding that info out. learn english

>> No.22059406

why do people who wanna socialize with nips get so mad that people who don't wanna socialize with nips think their goals are stupid and gay

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