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>so rude
she deserves it

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This is a Mokou board. No moonhus are allowed here.

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A joke that they were in on.

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Quof is pretty fucking bad. I don't mean this as an insult but if you look at any of his fantranslation that aren't SMIE (which had a few mistranslation issues that the editor caught but quof never bothered to change) you'll notice a bunch of grammar and structuring issues alongside the obvious issue of typos. Then if you look at his official work you'll notice significantly less structuring and typo related issues but that the translation still feels a bit stiff. Maybe it's just the fact that all of Quof's officially translated titles are just garbage titles in of themselves and there's nothing he can do to make it read better without making personal rewrites but it really doesn't look good. All in all it's perfectly fine for fan-translation standards but I think all of his official release titles are hot garbage and as stated above, I can't tell if that's because he's garbage or if the titles are just garbage.

He also loves censorship and hates loli's if anyone cares about that, I don't hold it against him though since it's a personal quirk and not a translation related issue. All that being said I have enjoyed all of his fan-translation titles though only SMIE could be considered good. I love shitty nukige titles though, they're such dumb fun like a B movie that doesn't take itself seriously.

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No, mine!

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You callin' me a mutant, bro?

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Mokou a rude! Rude!

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