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Can this be a thing?

My thoughts:
- It's the intersection of gambling and pinball I always wanted in my life
- I can't read Japanese so sometimes figuring out what I'm supposed to do is difficult
- My favorite machine is Symphogear (which I do sort of have figured out). Prefer 1/199 version to 1/99, just so the jackpots are a little more valuable (but also so it doesn't take all dang day long to hit one like at 1/319)
- I have to bring earplugs, those pachinko halls are dang loud
- I like the (few) non-smoking halls; Maruhan has a couple non-smoking options, one in Dotonbori and one in Shinjuku
- I tend to stick with 1JPY/ball, when I've gone 4JPY it just hasn't gone well. Most I've won in a single session was about 5500JPY.
- Other anime based machines that are fun: Nisemonogatari, Madoka, the latest Urusei Yatsura.
- I saw a Maison Ikkoku machine last time I was there, that's pretty different?!

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