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Normal, unforced eyes here

I think she looks good either way, though I do sometimes find the bug-eyed look charming/funny.

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there is a considerable difference between bombing someone from a few miles up and shooting a 5 year old defenseless child in the face. Surely even a baby retard like you knows that.

>The breakup of Yugoslavia was due to politics, not "hatred."
We're not talking about the breakup you fat fuck. We're talking about the genocide that followed. The war was sparked by the redrawing of the defined and regulated boundaries but was fueled by the hatred between the dominant Chrstian majority and the Muslim oppressed minority which sparked the war into mass rape gangs, ethnic cleansing and the attempted genocide of the Bosnians.
Now again. Come on kid. I know you're mad you've lost. You would have to be to paste all that little baby boy. But come on. Even CHILDREN can argue rationally.
Come on child. Have another try.

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>Shibata 9th
>Tani jumping straight into sebatsu
>Churi 16th


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Aya's thighs are actually already kind of juicy as they are. And Japanese people seem to have weird taste in legs, as shown by that Shirabe episode, so I doubt we're going to get squatting idols (except Kaotan).

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