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Orin has overtaken this thread.

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She's beautiful

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Jesus Christ, single handedly keeping the server afloat

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I'm reminded of this one doujin I read awhile a go about Joon where this young man would visit her to chat with her, but each visit would cost him more & more of his wealth. till he lost so much of his wealth that he had sell his organs, but in doing so it lead to his death. With news of this finally reaching her, Joon is fully convinced that her powers are what killed him, expect it wasn't her that killed him, rather it was Shion instead (what a twist!)

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Holy shit.
>Increases damage dealt to favorable and unfavorable attributes by 25%
So if they're weak to wood or star, she gets a 25% damage boost. But if they resist wood or star, she still gets a 25% damage boost? That's insane.

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Why would you do that...

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>Oh my I feel so famous right now what with people looking up my steam profile to check I RP 24/7 solid non-stop! Why it just makes me blush!
>But I suppose I'm a little late to the party since this thread seems to be dead and all.
Did RP tripfags really do that?

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what the FUCK

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All those touhou threads...lost to time...

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When I said sit back and watch I fucking meant it. English should never pandered too unless the chubba's normally fine with it like Pikamee. You're on fucking /jp/, learn some fucking Japanese or appreciate staring at moonrunes.

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If you want to support her, keep it to generic pachi's and such. Don't fucking use the room as a chatroom, you have this thread for that. The last thing you want is to burden her with english and force her old audience out.
Just lurk and appreciate the cute guitar giant.

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>social anxiety doesn't really extend online.
The only fucking reason I've put up with this site for the last 10 years was because I didn't have to put my name to the bullshit I post. Being anonymous is the only thing that lets me have any social interaction.

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I don't even have a good reason to live beyond cute anime girls, my time as a NEET can be pulled away at any momenr because of the government and the worst part is theres no good place to hang myself from at home. No, I'm not going to overdose I already tried that like 8 times this shit sucks so much
Do con orgies really happen? I always see people memeing about it but it seems as truthful as brony orgies.

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don’t call her jewish
she uses yamakas as coffee filters

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That's pretty sad.

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No. I love Yuuka but I don't care about here themes. conversely, I don't really enjoy Hijiri but I love her theme / staff roll arrangement.
Get out, secondary. Just kidding, but seriously learn her theme so you don't come off as a secondary who lives in malaysia

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>satori but no koishi

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post yfw wrong sunday

I'm going to buy it when it comes out on steam, so it's fine

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