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Why did Mariko get her own song? Was she just that popular? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I've just been curious for a while.

Not that I'm complaining, Mariko is awesome and the song is top tier.

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>It was about drawing post war borders
NO it was about racial tensions that erupted due to a minority attempting to secede from an oppressive and violent majority you dumb nigger. If you were alive at the fucking time and not reading the wikipedia article you'd know that cunt.

>Yamamoto didn't hate the Americans
Yamamoto wasn't the one who declared war on the Americans you fucking moron. Nor was he trying to genocide them you fucking pleb. Jesus fuck how fucking stupid are you that you can't even debate an argument coherently.

And yes OF COURSE it was the Muslims hatred of the Christian minority and the racial tensions which had been going on LONG before the war which contributed to the ethnic cleanings and the massacre at Srebrenica.

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