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I ruin many monitors.

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You do hate ants because they eat your shit and fuck up your garden. Hatred is on a scale it doesn't have to be blinding rage. If you loved ants you wouldn't be spraying them with raid. It's another instance to claim that you'd want to exterminate all Ants on earth because you loved them or had no feelings for them whatsoever.

>Genocide as a geopolitical strategy
Dear lord... You're actually stupid. Like legitimately stupid. You've just tried to claim that the Bosnian Serbian conflict and ethnic cleansing and genocide wasn't about the Serbians massive hate boner for the Bosnians.

Wow... I just... How can I explain this to a fucking moron?

Srebrenica was the site of a massacre. You know this right? It was a town in which the UN had rounded up Bosnian refugees. The war wasn't about Srebrenica... Jesus... The Bosnians did not want to give up their land to a group of people they had already had extreme tensions with. The muslim majority hated the Christians which was why the Christians were desperate to secede from them.

This sparked the heated racial and religious tensions which erupted in the war and the subsequent human atrocities which could only be committed with hatred in mind.

Do you have literally NO understanding of history?

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