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I don't want to break her heart, but getting forced by Keine to do something doesn't sound all bad.

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Don't be so rude to either of these fine women.

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Just friends!

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I voted for Keine in the poll. This thread is going to die isn't it?

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That's not funny.

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Just friends!

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I'd love to. I just don't want newfags to come into threads talking about dicks and gays, and then oldfags coming into threads complaining about newfags talking about dicks and gays.
I mean, I've been reading the archives. This board was creative and laid-back back then.
Now whatever is left of that is slowly drying up in generals or is being regurgitated in threads that may have a different OP, but feel stale and identical all the same.
I'm (figuratively) shouting at people only because I care.

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