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On second thought, perhaps it is better that way.

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Also, while still in the GRIMDARK borderland, giving a character a sword - particularly a katana - out of nowhere is a clear warning sign of dark and edgy.

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You say that like it's different from every other thread on /jp/...

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Just curious what the consensus seems to be.
Considered for a while how in PCB, Yuyuko doesn't seem to know the exact circumstances of her own death. And from there it seems to be a fairly common doujin theme that Yuyuko doesn't remember much about who she was in life.

Curious about the woman in Yukari's life before there was a Yakumo household.

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She could've learned it from other sources, y'know. It's unlikely, but possible given what we know.

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she's one of the most popular Touhous with a mountain of fanart devoted to her, porn or otherwise.

For me, I tend to like her darker portrayals (in b4 LOL GRIMDARK FAG). It fits in more with her backstory

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If you're having a problem with duplicates, try VisiPics. It's a really helpful program that can detect duplicate images.

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>If you have closed your eyes in time, after an hour of standing in confusion, you will hear a soft, female voice call out, "Can I?" Do not answer this question. Instead, stomp your foot upon the floor and then open your eyes. If you see a long, stretching field of sunflowers in front of you, then you have succeeded in the first half of your endeavor. If you see a fiery plain of death and mutilation, then it is too late for you. You will be devoured by your own thoughts of your greatest fears.
>Walk towards the setting sun in the field of sunflowers for one hour until you reach an enormous tree which does not blossom in the spring. As you get closer you see that the tree is constructed out of bones and it is surrounded in a pool of blood. Submerge yourself fully in this blood, and when you surface once more, you will feel a ghostly hand press something into your palm, it is a small vial. Do not drink from this vial; you will become half a ghost, half a man, and be the vassal of the queen of ghosts for all eternity.

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