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she didnt saw no one in the closet and her mind accepted magic
and saw the butterfly.

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my friend i do it!!!!!
i show that george can be the culprit with kanon
these are the van dine rule said by Willard during the game:

Rule #1
It is forbidden to have a crime without all clues presented.
Rule #7.
It is forbidden to have a crime without a corpse.
Rule #11.
It is forbidden for a servant to be the culprit!
Rule #12
There must be but one true culprit.

the 12th red truth is slightly different says only a true culprit so george is a culprit but not the true culprit( the mastermind).

so like knox van dine rule are slightly different from the originals.

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This is it, /jp/ bros. I'm ending it all right now, I don't think I'll be able to find someone like her again. I already said my goodbyes to family and friends so I only have one step left to make in order to leave this pathetic hump of flesh behind. No other partner I have ever had made me feel or act the way I did when I thought about her, and now it's all over as it turned out she didn't even love me the same way I loved her. I can't find the strength to wait for Saku to be translated nor for the remaining Ciconia episodes to be released so I won't be around anymore. Thank you for all the fun times I've had here nonetheless guys, and make sure to keep bullying characters, especially Ange and Satoko, to keep reading and most of all don't ever stop thinking.

See you in the Golden land or in the next factory flashforward, fellow goats.

Also fuck niggers

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