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Sakuya is absolutely going to be the canon route. God I want to be Sakuya's princess.

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What's some good touhou self-insert fanfiction/doujins/anything made for the explicit purpose of self inserting into?

I don't care if it's embarassing, or this stuff is considered trash, or this makes me like some lonely teenage girl reading twilight or other mediocre romance novels. I want to have a momentary escape from this world and feel closer to my favorite girls. I want to feel happiness, friendship, and escapism. I want to be a butler (or maid) in the scarlet devil mansion. I want to work in the moriya shrine under two goddesses. I want to have cute adventures, fun slice of life, and be happy.

And don't say Diamond in the Rough I'm different.

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I want to be princess carried by Sakuya so bad

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Holy FUCK why is this game doing this to me, I want this so badly now

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