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Rikako went from 15000 CDs sold to 10000 to 8500 to 7000. all of Aqours saw steep declines in CD sales.

I don't think that the pandemic is a big factor in the sales decline. Rikakos decline already started before the pandemic started. I think there are several reasons:

Aqours fan base consists mostly of otaku. the Love Live Sunshine anime brought most of the attention to Aqours. but the anime ended in late 2017 and the film was released in early 2019. the best marketing tool for Aqours hasn't been utilized in 3 years and probably won't ever be used again.

I assume that the fan base of the Aqours seiyuu consists almost entirely of Love Live fans. if you check the anime voice acting roles of Aqours, you'll see that they don't get many good roles.
Aina has a lot of roles but they are almost always in cheap forgettable animes or as side characters. Dropkick on my devil was the only successful main character role for her, as far as I can remember.
Shukas good roles are related to her connection with Sacra Music/Sony. nothing wrong with that, but it's not enough for an impressive seiyuu cv.
Rikako is basically the only one who gets better roles, but she's also ridiculously pretty and her gravure work gave her good exposure beyond the Aqours fan base. and even she isn't getting a lot of good roles. just more than the others.
basically Aqours market share is limited to the idol anime otakus, and that is a big market, but they don't get the roles necessary to break successfully into the full anime otaku market or even into the mainstream music market.

the seiyuu-singer-entertainment industry is constantly throwing new young talent into the market and Aqours are getting older. and the older they get the less interesting they become to many people, sadly .

Love Live really is the back bone of their careers.
for their solo career. if the Aqours seiyuu manage to consistently sell around 4000 to 5000 CDs and if they can get around 1000 to 2000 people to visit their concerts, then they can sustain their solo careers while making good money.
but if they only sell 500 to 1500 CDs and if they can't get enough people to watch their concerts, then they will have a hard time after Aqours ends.
They won't have to worry about their future right now, Aqours is still filling stadiums and generating tens of millions of dollars every year. but they will have to think about their future past Aqours somewhere in the future and the outlook might be pretty bleak.

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sex obsessed stacy

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ainya feet

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my wife, Aina!

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