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The idea that you think that any genocide (Which is the extermination of an entire race) could in any way be pragmatic shows how childish you are. All genocides are motivated by hatred. Hitlers genocide of the jews was motivated by his and his countries hatred of jews after the 1918 uprising which killed many many germans.

The Bosnian war and the massacres and the attempted genocide were to do with the Christian minority attempting succession from the muslim majority in a seperate state. The subsequent ethnic cleansing was because the Serbians believed that Bosnians were breaking up their state. There was nothing BUT hatred for the Bosnians on the part of the Serbian militias.

You want to try again you uneducated tart?

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There's hardly any resemblance at all besides the name. Here, have some superior alternative Maiyan.

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SNH48 even has original songs

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