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Any of you fags have a link for the FLACs?

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Those Moa-legs though...

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i think you probably felt like an outsider in the metal scene and so you judged other people harshly for being posers because it was an aspect of yourself you didn't like.

>What makes you say that?
i've never seen you say anything nice about them, not that it's an issue, i think i'm better than metalheads too. but it would be ironic if it was because i was was stereotyping metalheads as people who judge others based on the music they listen to?

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She is so full of love and energy, but at the same time very gentle and kind. She's very feminine in a traditional sense with her interest in flowers, art and beauty.

She is personified MDMA.

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Great contribution to the thread guys, you know you get banned by IP, not by whatever random screen name you feel like using

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Actually I find a lot of Babymetal haters are also into classic heavy metal, ranting aboout how we should be instead listening to Iron Maiden or whatever, not that there's a cause or an effect there, it's more of a non-issue, I've also seen oldfags who are fans of Iron maiden and Black Sabbath defend Babymetal as well. Music hipsters are found in every genre.

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