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You people have too much free time

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Border smile

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Good lord, they could've at least kept the head reasonably sized.

So, Touhou street art?

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If you have a great need for shitposting, please move to this thread.
We hope it will satisfy your shitposting needs and won't hurt anyone else.


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I was checking the iSketch wordlist and realized they have Touhou category.

iSketch is an online version of pictionary
So ...anyone wants to play?

Go to http://www.isketch.net/ and click on User-Created rooms and then click on /jp/ room

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Hey /jp/ Does any of you know what is this touhou arrange? I know it's from necrofantasia, I just want to get the full version. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10239821/necrofantasia%20mirrored.avi

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... then Anon pulled out the sword that Myrddin thought he had placed in the stone, and Anon was crowned rightful queen regnant of England.

Yukari was amused.

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Is Mima a member of the old hags?

Pic unrelated, it's not Mima.

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Possibly. It's been hinted for a long time that Yukari (otherwise generally untouchable) feels threatened by the outside world, and Gensokyo was established specifically to create a sanctuary for youkai and old gods.
Although at the same time it's been shown that there are at least some youkai and old gods living just fine in secrecy outside the border, and the Lunar war ending with a stalemate seems to indicate that the industrialised outside world is rather poorly equipped to face the supernatural. So it isn't clear whether the threat to Gensokyo is a clear and present danger, or whether it's mostly Yukari being overly cautious.

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Just looking out for her subjects. Tsukumogami are allergic to artificially generated electricity.

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Was having a perfect run versus Yukari until I bombed no less than three times on Double Black Death Butterfly. I don't even know why.

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>The customs, *arts*, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group

>The various branches of creative activity, such as painting, *music*, literature, and dance

It's Otaku Culture Radio, not /jp/ culture radio.

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I find it slightly disturbing I can recognize characters with so little detail. Then again, that picture with only Haruhi and Suiseiseki colurs as stripes with text "Otaku sees world differently"...

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There is a a number among two others. Between two facts lies another fact. There is a space interval amid two grains of sand, no matter how close they may be. There is a feeling that is in-between feeling. It is through the interstices of matter that the world breathes and this continuous respiration is what we call Yukari.

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The best.

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Yukari's tomfoolery goes anywhere!

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I would love to just have a conversation with her. Let her tell me stories about herself and Gensokyo, be they true or not.

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Do lesbians count?

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I watch you even when you don't.

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The long blonde hair and the Victorian style of dress gets me.

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Unless we screw up and summon someone we did not want.

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