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Can ANYTHING stop a pissed off Yukari? Maybe a hug?

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How do I meet her? She's real, right?

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I dont think you can lock the old hag, pal.

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The fact that her skirt nonchalantly holds a thrashing, writhing, alien maw is the detail. Tentacles are one thing. But Yukari is a reality warper whom even other youkai deem bizarre. Not to mention casualty ripping holes in space to the home of those endless eyes and reaching arms.

She is otherworldly, powerful, unknowable, and abberant. If any 2hu deserves the term "Lovecraftian", even if only as a rare fan-interpretation, it is her.

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Monster is an understatement.
She's more like a lovecraftian abomination that takes the form of a cute girl. She probably traps humans in terrible fates for the fun of it. The whole killing and eating people thing is just part of the act of being a 'youkai'. Chances are, she's created other worlds aside from Gensokyo full with their own 'scenarios', all of which serve to suppress her boredom.

I still want to marry her

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