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Also, had to post this.

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Try Pooshlmer or Shrine Maiden forum.

For future reference, if you want to create a thread that is (1) Touhou-related and (2) stupid, try the above-mentioned places first.

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sakuya ass

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It's sad because I can recognize them.

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Useless maid only good for her sex appeal.

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I completely forgot.
I spent all this time fucking you're touhou.

Oh well, maybe some other time.

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I tested it for you guys.

All the crying was a huge turnoff but she has a nice body.
Some training will fix that

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Just caught their maid, you know what time it is...

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Just caught their maid, you know what it is...

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it's not pad

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Is there a guild some1 can direct me to for more info on MPC, I am very interested in setting this up

another boarder line work safe pic for your trouble

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I like this posture.

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Delicious maid ass is the reason I know anything about touhou at all

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I want to play as Sakuya. Where's Sakuya ZUN?

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Dropped out of college, and I'm now 25, no education to speak of, and working nights at a local warehouse. I've enough money to go on a holiday, which I will do next week, and I've been thinking of going to Ireland actually, but once there I won't do anything - there's nothing I want to see, and there's nobody I want to meet there... I can just see it end with me sitting at a café or pub somewhere with my sketchbook, drawing stuff. After a week I will return home, start up the computer and head over to /jp/.

The few girlfriends I've had I've broken up with for various reasons - most of them didn't live anywhere nearby, and I seriously doubt they could understand or accept my loli/incest/guro collection. Anime and manga in general haven't been a problem, but I really, really don't dare reveal the fucked up parts of me. But at the same time I feel that I don't really need a girlfriend.

I've a guy downtown that I chat with, every now and then, but other than that, it's the usual bullshit chatting going on at work "How was your weekend, horrible weather we've got, played any new games lately?"

To be honest, right now I don't really need people in my life. I'm still - probably - going to Ireland though, if only for a change of scenery. It'll end with me sitting at an internet cafe, I'm sure.

Whoa, blog post. Also, pic unrelated.

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