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So I'm the only pettophile?
Feels bad man.

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A sound you are not immediately able to identify causes you to awaken. As you open your eyes, you notice you’re not where you remember falling asleep. This is not a forest at all. You are in a traditional Japanese house, or so it seems, and the sound you heard turns out to be the footsteps of a young girl. As much as your cynical nature would like to convince you what you’re looking at isn’t there, the creature sitting in front of you with a heart-wrenchingly cute smile on her face is in fact, Tei Inaba. “Not Tewi, you shitposting faggots, there is no “wi” in the Japanese alphabet,” you mutter to yourself while grinning. Puzzled by your behavior, Tei moves closer to you and asks, “What’s your name?” Narrowly escaping cardiac arrest just hearing her ridiculously cute voice gently caress your eardrums, you manage to answer her. “That’s a weird name,” she says laughingly as she stares into your eyes, “but I like you.” Barely cheating death by cuteness for the second time in the span of thirty seconds, you try to hide your immense, pulsating erection as you try to divert the topic for a while, at least.

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>Tewi 100cm on her tippytoes.
She's about 240cm when sitting on my (I'm 2m tall) shoulders!
You'll never feel Tewi's soft and smooth thighs on your shoulder and neck. ;_;

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tewi time

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