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I seriously love R07's and ZUN's art. Like most, I hated it at first, but then I realized that it really does have charm. And especially R07 is amazing at drawing character expressions, even if his characters anatomy is wonky as hell. Sometimes they're unintentionally funny, but they're really diverse and there's just something about them. Pic releated, how can you not love those faces?

Meanwhile ZUN comes up with fantastic character design, and his style is recognizable and unique.

That's why I hate the art in the PS3 verision of Umineko. It lacks charm. The poses are stiff. The shading is the boring, generic, typical VN shading. But most of all, the expressions aren't nearly as great.

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poor thing. Rika would pat your head, but she's a bich as well in Umineko.

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