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is not a fanfiction is the real truth of umineko

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battler said george and company are alive
wait but erika didnt inspect them?
erika is the culprit.
>everyone is the culprit again
anon so for you this isnt mental gymnasyum and george culprit and erika accomplice yes

>r Rosa is EP2, who could easily shoot everyone to death
because she wasnt the culprit
she discover that servants lied about kinzo death so she wanted save her family from them.
but as usual, appearances count, and since she beats her daughter and doesn't trust people, she's the culprit.
>ame with Eva in EP1, who smiles and debates mystery shit with Battler
no one of her family died and become ushiromiya heir so like battler she tried to figure out the culprit.

erika with kanon voice call natsuhi
lambda said that was impossible discover kinzo native land from the game so erika knew the solution from the start

>meta-Erika has no idea about this because she was perceiving the "absolutely everyone is here" scene in the parlor from the meta, through Battler's skewed perspective.
erika is the detective everything she said is real .
how i know that?
before erika entered in the parlor gohda ordered kanon to serve the tea but when she entered was gohda to serve the tea meanwhile kanon , according to battler, was near the wall alone with a souless face.
then when battler saw kinzo erika was looking away, so battler can see lie only without erika.
everything shkanontrice cant explaine without meta erikantrice explaine it without meat

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Beato i will say it with blue: "there arent 6 million bodies so it's possible that they faked their death, soviet union is a culprit too so they lied about that, if this is wrong said with red that exist an oven that in 2 years can burn at least 4 million bodies!!!! checkmate

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>I'm a dummy because I didn't read the manga.
you ,who have read 400 hours of visual novels with the original spites, are dummy while them ,who have read 1 hour of manga with images and where everything has been modified, are smart?

dont give a shit about them anon
you have rigth people who cant read umineko vn didnt deserve free speech!!!!.

> Ryukishi kept the answer because money was the answer all along
ryukishi confirmed shkanontrice for money ok but I think there's another reason.
he wanted us to solve umineko but we failed, the lie became truth and r07 like lambda in the 5th game confirmed it because a truth that cannot be found in a certain time has no right to call itself truth.

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stop using reddit words anon say faggot

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umineko is a mystery.
there is a solution because ryukishi love us all
just this time he wanted that someone love this series so much to find the solution by himself.
if you think Umineko was never about finding the absolute truth anyway.u didnt read umineko or just surrend .
but i am not like you
i am a fucking autistic that love this visual novel
is the best fucking thing i ever read change my life not save my life, i cant accept this disguting shkanontrice ending that ruin this masterpiece
i will restore the dignity of umineko even if it will take 100 years.

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all the parents were in the group
for fake a closed door you need all accomplices
like i chapter 1(eva room) and chapter 2(chapel)
image use the same trick 3 times
a mystery of third class.

>Chapter was never locked
All five master keys were discovered, each in the pocket of one of the servants! The individual keys were found inside envelopes alongside the corpses! In short, all keys related to the linked closed rooms were locked inside the linked closed rooms!! No key could be returned from outside the room using the crack of the door, the crack of the window, vents or any place of the sort!!
red truth
>all the key were locked inside the linked closet room
mansion parlor key was locked inside the chapel.
so the chapel was closed!!!

in the manga there wasnt your solution so your solution isnt the official one so is fake!!!!

CheckFINISHED checkFINISHED checkFINISHED checkcheckcheck FINISHEDFINISHEDFINISHED checkcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck FINISHEDFINISHEDFINISHEDFINISHED FINISHEDFINISHEDFINISHEDFINISHED <Die the Death!> <Sentence to Death!> <The Great Equalizer is Death!>

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in my theory kanon|erika want to revange

the red truth say:
>I never told anyone except Shannon that I like autumn.
>I never told anyone except Shannon that I dont like summer.
so you don't have to know about autumn is enough that natsuhi said a season x as a favorite (summer is eliminated by default) and you can tell to her one of the 3 cards.

this level of reasoning is possible for italian anon!

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bern game solution:
kanon kill the six ,krauss and natsuhi!!!
she can close the doors thanks her master key.
kanon made shannon exit, kills her destroy their 2 master keys , kills herself and become yasu!!!!
after this yasu can kills gohda, kumasawa ,nanjo and jessica
yasu can enter in the guesthouse because george is a culprit so the sentence:" i have checked the guesthouse in case some might have snuck in, but it was completely locked up" is a lie!!!

another game solved with kanon and george as culprits

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I've seen you do some of these edits lately. I think they'd be a lot better if you learned how to recolor the hair instead of just putting flat blue over it.

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Not him, but I also saved it. I love her smile, it's awfully similar to Beatrice's one and I bet that's the creepy angle you were going for. Cute!
Merchat est le meilleur roman visuel/sonore

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Here we go.

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