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>hideously deformed
Thank you for proving my point.

>women orgasm during rape
Which means they enjoy it on some level. If you'd fucked any women you'd know that the majority of their fantasies are rape fantasies.

>I used the wrong word b-but if I use this completely stupid analogy then you can understand w-why I used it right?
No fuck off back to tumblr.

Biology has proven you wrong. Liking aidoru isn't misogynistic. It isn't even objectification. Because our primary function is to reproduce and our biology helps us with that by making us find beautiful women attractive and feminine traits desirable in our mates.

Now fuck off and read a book nigger.

Also I know exactly what tumblr user you are. Steve doing okay? I watch your gay ass talks with him and that black girl dyke.

>Biology doesn't have a purpose
Which is something someone who has absolutely 0 education on biology would say. Every aspect of our biology has a purpose you fucking twit.

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