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I watched an ad with a giantess when I was a kid, similar to these ones: https://youtu.be/-j0Gr9RiXrs
Together with the vore scene from Men in Black (https://youtu.be/kJ_78H2cvTE), they awakened some dark fetishes in my innocent mind.
>pic related

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>try playing sun and moon in japanese 6 weeks in
>get ass blasted, literally can't understand anything
>give up, start grinding vocab, kanji and go through both genki books and a bit of tobira
>read 7 volumes of yotsuba
>ff 7 months (now)
>play lets go in japanese
>understand at least 95% only unknown word was 心得 and i already knew the kanji for that

studying works lads, as long you grind the fuck out not a single dekinai exist

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