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>One of them you have to get used to, but anybody can do it.
Another stupid fucking statement from a stupid fucking retard. If you think that it takes the same level of difficulty between bombing someone from several miles up and shooting unarmed children I just cannot even begin to fathom why I'm attempting to argue with someone this retarded.

No I suggested that Milosevic's election proposals had been based on heavier restrictions against the Muslim minority and a general hatred of them on the part of his party and those who elected him. Jesus you are really fucking ignorant...

No you don't have to hate people to rape them. But since your memory is bad what I said was that Rape does not require hatred of women to commit. Which it doesn't. However sometimes hatred of the person you're raping (Either their race, sex or whatever) CAN play a part but again is not required to commit the offense. You fucking turd.

Genocide meanwhile DOES require hatred in order to slaughter women, children and defenseless people on a scale that intends to wipe them out.

Which brings us back to the primary point which you still haven't fucking tackled and are still so majorly wrong on you're beginning to contradict yourself.


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vote milky!

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