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I'm sorry Yukari, but I like oppai very much.

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Already into Touhou and too lazy to learn the names and specs of every fucking ship. My mind is full of enough useless WWII-related info already. Plus, Kancolle doesn't have pic related.

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Give me proof of one evil thing she has done.

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C'mon, just look at her!
How could you not trust that smile?

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>"Black Phantom xxXYukAAriXxx00NiggaSlaya00~ has invaded"

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You know you've all had a dream where you went to bed weary and miserable after a bad day. Yukari, being herself, likes to use her gaps to view the mortal world. Seeing you so miserable touches her heart and she proceeds to gap into your bedroom wearing a skimpy outfit. As you rise in panic at an intruder, she puts her fingers to your lips and says "shhh" before a tender kiss. She gently makes love to you, washing away the negativity of the day, letting you fall asleep with your head resting on her bosom before getting up and returning through her gap, leaving you to wonder if it was all just a good dream.

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