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what does she dream of?

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Social Security Disability. Got sick, went badly, and never fully recovered in the sense that I am physically unfit to sit in a chair 8 hours a day or be laboring somplace. Had a degree and was working when it happened (though I found normal job life exceedingly banal and unsatisfying).

After the depression, I acclimated to it and decided to enjoy the time I always wanted. All and all, I like it.

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The vast majority of the people getting butthurt about normies getting their hands on their secret and cool things. It's very much 'don't like things I like!' syndrome.

I am glad they are coming out on Steam. The more VN's that get released in English, the better. I also back that up by paying for a lot of VN's that I read.

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>Didn't past Kaguya spurn lots of men on, knowing they'd never finish her requests?


> Does she still do that?

Probably not, since she was nobility and the marriages were most likely arranged for her.

Not to mention she's in hiding now so few people know her.

>It would be so much fun to have that trickery blow up in her face.

She'd probably go full panic mode if you presented all the items to her face. Lotsa spaghetti.

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Maybe Kaguya then. You'd want a second computer though.

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How do you deal with procrastination /jp/?

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