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It's just retarded shit (it wasn't even sexual AFAIK or at least not confirmed), I'll guarantee that any male fans who got upset are the kind of incels who look at girls on the street or at convenience stores or wherever and go "REEE" inside when they see them wear make-up or hold hands with a guy. Yes, a lot of idol fans are like that in general, but that doesn't make it any more justifiable. It's such a nonsensical "rule", anyone who takes it seriously or is apologetic of it but not those who "violate" it is a ticking time bomb for suicide, rape or even homicide, but most likely suicide still. Just because a lot of guys who're into idols are incels doesn't mean that should be the default, or that it is outside "communities" or even in "communities". Yes, too many people care about the "rules" like that, and that should change. It is partially the fault of those groups themselves that perpetrate the myth of "purity", and their managers, but it's first and foremost the fault of capitalism and the idea of "supply and demand".

The most autistic fans are the ones who spend the most money, and they're always delusional incels, so of course the managers and groups themselves will think that it's good to appeal to them. However, that's not even good economically because it creates a situation where "idols live in a bubble" is seen as reality and the expectation for them, so them openly not living in a bubble (because obviously they don't really live in a bubble) is seen as a bad thing, so if an idol is "caught" "violating" the "rules", they'll be pressured to quit. It's not even profitable, yet it's rooted in capitalism. Those who don't care about the "rule" will go "NOOO, WTF SHE'S QUITTING???" etc. while incels who care will go "THIS GROUP WILL NEVER GET A DIME FROM ME EVER AGAIN". It's not the majority who react the latter way, and if you think it is, you're surrounding yourself with incels.

TLDR: the "rule" is based on flawed economics, denial of reality (on both sides) and an idea that idols should be held to a higher standard, which isn't inherently based on flawed economics but the way it's handled in reality generally is. It's not about "moral virtue" or anything like that at least anymore, if it ever truly was.

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>ywn be bitten by Akane

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