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Dear lord you really can't take it when you've been beaten can you. Alright child let's get to it.

The genocides and ethnic cleansings in Russia were a part of the communist states ideology to remove all religious peoples and certain ethnic groups as they were reported as anathema to communism.

They were exterminated in hate. A hate for religion and a hate for those ethnic peoples.

The Serbian massacre of Bosnians at Srebrenica was a part of a greater war. They had been committing ethnic cleansing since the wars inception and it was for no other reason than hate for the Christian minority who had wanted to secede from them. The massacre (Please I know you're still very young and highly uneducated but lets at least hope you know the difference between an instance of massacre and genocide much as the difference between a battle and a war) was also committed in hatred. As was the driving point of the war.

The fact that you are THIS uneducated. THIS stupid is a resounding success for my opinion on Tumblr. I don't think I've ever met someone who's claimed Biology has no purpose AND that genocides can be committed entirely for pragmatic purposes (Because enslaving a peoples or making them leave a territory is apparently not an option for some reason) and completely without hatred.

The fact you chose the Serbian Bosnian conflict as your example, perhaps the most violent, hate filled conflict in the modern era is just fucking mind boggling.

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>dem shoving hotpants
did I say she's the 3rd 48G I want to fuck the most? no love or anything, just fuck her silly.

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