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Maybe i should use the auto-clicker in moderation... i burned through roughly 15k motivation today, and my units just cant get any motivation up becaus i just throw them into battles without breaks

Holy shit.

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Go back there.

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he is an abomination that doesn't fit anywhere among humans or youkai.

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the reimu face

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I think vtubers are stupid but I can't help watching the shark brat, fuck.

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Not even 10 posts in and I can already tell this thread is going to be shit

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kill yourself out of /jp/

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Y'all motherfuckers better start producing some donations REAL soon

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Hey idol lady. Stop dressing like a slut and put a sarashi on yourself.

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I have no idea what I'm doing.


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I have to actually spend Crystals to get more room? I barely have any as it is.

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>Does anyone have any helpful tips for dealing with Marisa in general?
The stars have actually a smaller hitbox than they look.
Try to dodge like dodging a normal circular bullet and it'll work out most of the time. Team Border smaller hitbox also helps with that.

If you're having way too much trouble with Marisa and you can't hope to possibly defeat her, consider using Team Scarlet, and that's coming from someone who uses mostly homing.
They fight Reimu, who is much more easier than Marisa imo, and they themselves are a decent wide shot and an awesome focused shot, as the focused shot options (little spirit thingies that fire the shots) can be set in place (e.g directly in front of the boss) and do damage for you while you're busy dodging.
I consider it a "manual homing" shot of shorts.

Other than that, no, I haven't fought her many times myself because Marisa's fight is bullshit imo, so I'll just wish you to do your best and good luck with her.

>since I set starting lives up
Don't do that.
Like never again, you won't learn proper resource management that way. IN is already generous enough as it is.

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What a semen slurper.

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>Is this right, Greek anons?
>Greek anons

Υπάρχουν και άλλοι εκτός από έμενα?

According to pic related Hecatia should say "Θέλω να ζήσεις εδώ." and Clownpiece say "ΤΙ?" so no, your pic is wrong. Hope I helped anon.

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What the fuck i cant activate my paypal account with buyee.
It always says that both of my accounts are connected even though i have to still activate it on buyee.
Guys please help i really want a softgirl and am pretty poor ;_;

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Gladly, if you'll stroke my dick while making this kind of face. I don't need anything other than that, so I think it's a bargain for you.

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Yeah I don't think mushi is a good nickname for a German girlfriend.

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>Meiling is easier on hard than on normal

What is this fucking bullshit?

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I also, recently started up EoSD again.
It feels terrible.
Why do people like it so much, again?

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