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No, Yukari redefines distance between points in space, traditional definition doesn't work, same for Sakuya.

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I need to know more about the concept of border, Yukari it's then, if I manage to understand it I may be able to tear a hole in the Hakurei border.

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>Is Gensokyo real, or is it a state of mind?

Everything in your cognition is a reconstruction of reality after gathering information through your senses, for a normal, sane person Gensokyo is just a eastern Carroll's wonderland, but as your insanity grows stronger the border between fantasy and reality disappears. What can you see, taste, feel...etc, doesn't matter if it's real or not, only matters if your brain decides to accept it as real and how to represent it.

You can't let yourself be trapped by common sense in Gensokyo, right?

>Are the Touhou games to be taken literally or metaphorically?

Should you enjoy your apples more than the oranges?

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Run far away.
Once she wakes up and realises she's stumbled into some random human's house she'll simply kill me.

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While the beauty of the crawling chaos is an acquired taste, it is entirely your own fault if you accept blue and red pills from strangers.

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The Crawling Chaos has many avatars.

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/jp/, I need your otaku insight, your benevolent help.
I'm looking for information regarding the doujin singer NAKI. She sung the OP for the Eroge LoveDeath 2. I know she belongs to a Doujin Circle named SENTIVE. Has she got a homepage? You see, googling the word naki brings many unrelated results, even if I narrow the search. She also has a lot of compositions under the flag of Sisimai-brothers. And vgmdb wont provide much info about her bio.

You can listen to the soft celestial voice (which I would love to hear everytime I wake up):


tl;dr: gimme info about NAKI.

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... or perhaps not. Whatever floats the boat.

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I'd do drugs in an instant if I had someone/somewhere to buy them from.

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We'll be reclaiming /a/ shortly. We will show them what we're made of.

Don't panic, don't ditch, we will be expecting you there.

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Yo /jp/
are there any more Touhou rrangements like Radiant Radiant Symphony ? Perhaps by the same creator?

Also, touhou music thread I guess.

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Surreal Yukarin is best Yukarin

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uhh... sheer amount of Malice and Cirno art produces the best ones.

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>Enter the gap and walk straight forward until it closes. Now, you have to say the words "Excuse me, I'd like to learn from you.". If you did anything wrong, you will be dead before you even realize it, so do not worry much about this. Should nothing happen for several dozen seconds, you may resume walking. Do this until you reach a heart that is as big as your head. Do not touch it, instead, turn around. You will see either the most beautiful woman or the most horrific creature your eyes have ever witnessed.

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Actually no. Usually I only get sick once a year, but twice, within the same month and just after I happen to beat that particular stage is too suspicious.

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Nobody cares.
You came to /jp/ for advice, that is, you had the actual BALLS to come to /jp/ for advice and now you will face the consequences and finish at least IN on Normal by yourself.

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You divide by zero.

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Nice one, OP. Now try capturing 60 spellcards while clearing Ran and prepare for the time of your life...

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And also my mistress~

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Minus the beerbelly, thank god.

Yukari is made of h4x.

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Like tanasinn?

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Serious question, please don't make stupid jokes. Does anyone know what's in Yukari's gap? It has eyes and shit. Chado says there's some Cthulu demon there and I thin kso too but are there any other interesting theories?

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