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Lucky you, if that's all you're worth and need. Still they don't give a fuck: it's a random name within thousands. They don't see or acnowledge you at all. HS might be pretty much the same: they just fake concern for a few seconds to every nth-man that will burn money on them. This is all beyond imbecile. How pathetic a man (or degenerate a woman) must be to partake of this fraud, this imitation of love business? It's appalling.

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If you can't even read a simple fucking blog post, maybe you should think twice about being an idol "fan".
Not only is the idol concept, and the 48 Group in specific, built around the ideas of support, respect and devotion, both from the fans and from the members, but you're also dealing with a phenomenon from a completely different culture which you have no right to even know of, much less partake in.
If you're going to involve yourself in something made by another culture based on its cultural values, at least make sure that you have some fundamental respect for and understanding of the culture in question. It's not going to help anyone if you remain a screeching weeaboo begging for someone to translate everything because you don't have the self-respect or decency to learn it by yourself. It's going to hurt you, since you're not going to understand the members or a lot of the cultural elements in the material, and you're thus going to keep being uncomprehending and wailingly buttmad over idols because you refuse to understand them but still expect everything to be handed to you on a silver platter by the people who've actually managed to get their asses in gear and learn Japanese. It hurts the fandom, as it creates a niche for leeching, e-peen-seeking Tumblr wastes of skin and slavering Indos who're too busy wanking to their imagined "couples" to actually mind the translation, much less not put in their own made-up garbage, and the less Japanese you learn, the more you'll slobber up this misinformation and feed the "translators'" egos. It's going to hurt the members themselves because, as we can see right now on Tumblr and Stage48, that kind of centralized fandom in which most people see the material as a commodity they have a right to get for free and without any effort breeds a disruptive, creepy and disrespectful fandom whose heads get pumped full of "Japan is so weird" misinformation and yellow-fever-enabling myths about the idol concept that end up in people like Bicycle. The members don't want their SNS spammed by persistent Indos or get blown up all over Tumblr by a red-faced, shrieking Tumblrina trans-starwolf abomination who's judging them according to Western standards, and that should be obvious to everyone.
If you want to help yourself enjoy idols, if you want to respect the members, if you want to make the fandom better and if you want to protect the cultural products of Japan from being cannibalized by clueless weeaboos, horny SEA teens and frothing Koreaboos, you should consider deleting everything idol-related on your computer the next time you even catch yourself wanting a translation instead of trying to understand it yourself.
You simply can't be in your right mind and claim that you can respect a member, much less have her as your "oshi", if you haven't put in work to understand Japanese and comprehend everything she says or does. The exchange of respect, devotion and support when it comes to idols is mutual, and the best way you can show that as a Western fan is going out of your way to learn Japanese because you're interested in your oshi. Not considering her material a commodity that you get chewed to bits and dropped into your cuckoo-like waiting mouth by some Indo with an e-peen complex, and not considering her a sex object that you fap to and have waifu fantasies over - respect her as a living human being with her own emotions and concerns, understand that you're massively overstretching your boundaries already by acting as if it's your right to partake of material from another culture without understanding everything behind it and put in some genuine hard work in order to understand and respect your oshi, and then you can call yourself a fan.
It might come as a surprise, but you don't have the right to proclaim yourself a "fan" of everything you feel like, especially not when it crosses cultural boundaries and comes onto some rather sensitive topics (since the Tokyo Olympics are coming up, the very future of Japan's right to its own culture and entertainment industry is closely intertwined with the 48 Group, and it's part of the Western fandom's responsibility to make the best impression we possibly can instead of coming off as squealing Japan cultists and creepy child-molesting neckbeards). You should be grateful that you haven't been hit with a lawsuit from Avex or King Records already for pirating their material, and you should realize that people like you are playing straight into the hands of a certain country by making idol fans look like shrill, histrionic cultural parasites (who have none of the historical or cultural knowledge needed to properly defend Japanese rights to Japanese culture).
Just because you can partake doesn't mean you have a right to, and especially not when it's based on cultural values you haven't grown up in and that are starting to become too politically sensitive to just play off. Grow a sense of dignity.

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tfw mayu is my gf, feels goodman

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I'm afraid she's out of all our leagues now.

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Cyborg Mayu was the epitome of idols, but I'm glad she left that chara behind, a 22yrs old cyborg would be weird.

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/Mayu/ was right again.

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>me and my oshi

I'm sure you are. Do you think me and my oshi are a cute couple too?

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You don't know?

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The most important aspect is she can be trusted. The love ban isn't respected anymore but if you could find a girl that seems as trustworthy you could recreate a Mayu like member. Honestly my best prospect right now is Yuiri. She definitely seems to have god-tier work ethic.

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Mayuyu is a Za Idol.

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mayu is my gf

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What are you doing posting a pic of my gf?

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You have a toy girlfriend, macho man.

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If you seriously think it's the same then I won't lose my time with you at all.

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