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I'm glad my suggestions didn't go ignored.

How does it feel to be the tool of a cult, /jp/?

It's when consciousness takes action into it's own hands that free will is proven. It's beautiful when consciousness challenges reality -it no longer is a passive observer, where free will *is* a shadow, and becomes an active participant.

This is the nature of awakening or initiation as referred to by spiritual cults or religions. The floodgates are blown open and your consciousness becomes self aware.

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Yeah, no.

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Patchouli or Keine.

Of course, you might also train and get the mental discipline necessary to succeed on your own. That would make youkai magicians proud.

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Patchouli is anemic, meaning she is short of red blood cells.
She lives with vampires.
I've pointed this one out before, but it blew some people's minds in a similar thread.

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I truly believe we're a perfect match.

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I think I might be lethargic. It's still just afternoon here, I got plenty of sleep, and was planning to do something productive, but got too tired, ended up just playing some eroge and fapping, and then falling asleep in my chair while listening to Schumann.

Is it normal to suddenly get so tired that you have to take a nap before you've even had lunch?

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Sleep-deprived eyes.

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