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>avoiding the primary point because you've lost it this hard
It was all about rising racial tensions in the region which was sparked by the redrawing of boundaries you fucking moron. This is the point. How on earth do you think all those soldiers would have been able to kill all those women and children if not for hatred for them and their kind? It wasn't because it was pragmatically an easier option to kill them than to move them on. It was because Milosovic and Mladic hated the Muslim minority and had done for many years as had the people who had elected them to power on that belief.

Come on kid. Atleast try. You've been gobbling my cock balls deep and you still try and claim that the genocide in the Serbian Bosnian conflict wasn't motivated by hate. Good lord. This is literally the dumbest fucking argument I've ever had. With a child. You're a child. You know that? Like an actual kid. Doesn't matter your age. You're obviously uneducated little boy and it's really showing.

Come on kid. Try harder.

Pic related. My face right now.

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10/10x better than your acchan

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She'll get undergirls.
Believe me.


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