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Thanks. I also found this, which matches up date-wise.

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I keep forgetting how much of an utter fag he sounded sometimes

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That it belongs on /jp/ that /jp/ is for all otaku shit and quit bothering me about making a new board it is not happening.

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Isn't there a post somewhere. With moot saying how much he absolutely hates /jp/.

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Reported for off-topic. Touhou belongs on /jp/. Like moot said, if the only purpose /jp/ serves is to keep Touhou shit off of /a/, then it serves a purpose. Read this screencap.

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remember when /jp/ regularly had non-general threads that weren't about touhou

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VNs, figures, and Touhou are the three subjects specifically mentioned in >>1.

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Bugger off.

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Re-reading this post, it's rather ironic in hindsight.

>Don't allow any one thing to dominate this board
A quick look at the catalog reveals 2016 /jp/ to be entirely Touhou-dominated.

>I'm going to axe this board immediately if it doesn't turn out well and becomes a hassle to moderate.
I'm not sure if this is still the case, but at least it used to be that /jp/ was by a large margin the most time-consuming board to moderate relative to its number of posters.

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Because /jp/ was made to separate anime from japanese oriented culture because /a/ was getting too much traffic.

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I don't know why janitors delete so many threads on /jp/ when /jp/ is officially sanctioned by moot as the shitposting board.

Don't get me wrong that is what I like about /jp/

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Actually, /jp/ was made for the sole purpose of Touhou and Visual Novels to slow down traffic to /a/ and put an end to hijack threads.

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Because M00T said so.
There's a reason why spoiler tags are GAPS retard.

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I was here since before the split, and I'm well aware of /jp/'s crossdressing tendencies. It's sad to see a board that was once so elite fall to this. I guess the faggots at /a/ couldn't help but want to be part of the cool guys club and bastardize it with all the autism and faggotry that made the true /jp/ers and oldfags that made this board nostalgic leave.

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You forgot about your bastar child, huh?

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Otaku culture is complicated.

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You mean this post?

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OP's a newfag.

/jp/ was made exclusively to keep Touhou as part of its main content. Yes, that even includes the shitty Alice roleplay. Learn to use the board for what it's intended for. Old VNs are still VNs, therefore have a right to be on the board as well.
I don't care how much you hate Touhou, VNs, or figurines. Moot made the board with the sole purpose of holding this as the main content.

The spoiler images are even Yukari's gaps, for god's sake. Couldn't it be anymore obvious? This will remain a Touhou board, as rightfully intended.

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>he doesn't know /jp/ is exclusevly a Touhou board
>he doesn't look at origin of spoilers
>he doesn't read admin posts

Stop posting, you're making a fool out of yourself.

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/jp/ was made to keep Touhou, Visual Novels, and other things that shouldn't be in /a/, out of /a/.

I think this sticky might help because I can't post anywhere near decently at this moment.

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