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"I have read all your comments. Thank you for your feeling.

Before joining AKB I had been living in a very small and narrow world and even though I dreamed of many dreams, in that dream of dreams, it’s embarrassing to tell anyone that “these are my dreams”. I thought that the day when I can believe in my dream and speak it out will never came. But after first year in junior high school I auditioned for Team 8 and joined AKB48, then I knew how big is this world. I thought “someone is watching me” “It’s ok to talk about my dreams” “If the world is so big like this, instead of worry about many little things I’ll be myself and become famous some day!”

But there are not only good things. Some with whom we walked together at the beginning after a while have moved forward too far so I can’t reach them and I was told “you’re not frustrated, right?” but that’s because I’m not good at express feelings. Honestly, I was very frustrated. There are times when I kept thinking “what was I missing?” But if you think too much you will lose confidence in yourself, when I performed in events or tours people looked at me, sometime I thought "why are you still supporting me? what is the fun of rooting for me?" but my fans were very kind and said “I’m very proud of you!” “I will root for you from now on”. The existence of each and every one of you is really important to me.

Some might think “everyone that graduates will say something like this”, It’s not like I want to say it nicely but I want to thank everyone who supported me; members, staff, family and many people that I have met.

My dreams are to be singer/songwriter and model. The dreams that I want to make it come true with my own power and I want to meet everyone again in a different place someday.
I look forward to your continued support from now on. I will live my life as myself and make my dreams come true.

Thank you very much
And thank you for having found me"

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Cho found you

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weak trolling about Cho as usual in this thread

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Thread needs Kurenyan's smile

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Perfect girl

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