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and this is what you get for being an inputter

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The nips should trying being like the chinks, they would have their apology by now. So many international brands kowtow to the chinks and made their CEO and other spokespersons apologies for offending them.


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you can't explain why it's right because it isn't

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my arms are hairy, i just don't look like a gorilla because the hair is blonde

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Probably an idolfag, he's trying make this thread like the cesspool of that 2.5D one.

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Matt's JCAT score is higher and he publicly humiliated Tae Kim on Twitter and also said in his videos that his example sentences are awkward and unnatural.

That guy is good in spite of Tae Kim's guide, not because of it. At the end of the day, you can use any grammar guide and in the long run it won't really matter, but that doesn't meant that some aren't better than others.

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Mainstream jp news are reporting on his agency's statement now. It's like he wants to fan the flames, more people will know about the saga now. I get he wants his portray of an innocent victim to spread but it might backfire.

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B2 is explicitly labelled "intermediate".

Anyway, I take that as a "no" - there is not a single success story for vocab cards. All anyone can do when asked it nitpick over the definition of "fluency" to try and distract from the issue.

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He's better than 99.9% of this thread...

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Cheater cat caught tilting her head down away from the screen, shaking her head back and forth in a silly way, losing all focus, and laughing her ass off while the man holding the controller continues playing the game without his gameplay being interrupted for even a fraction of a second during all that. If Hinata was actually the one playing, the gameplay would've come grinding to a halt for at least 1-2 full seconds while she spazzed out. Next the dumbass defenders are gonna say that not only is she (the voice actress) not cheating, she's also a loli catgirl IRL

After that, she fully loses focus a second time and moves both her head and eyes listlessly away from the screen for several seconds while trying to remember something, while the man whose eyes are glued to the screen continues playing. Once again, if she was the person holding the controller, she would've had to come to a complete stop or been walking into a wall for several seconds without shooting or having any awareness of what was happening because she was neither looking at the screen nor thinking about the gameplay during that time. These two sorts of things happen all the time in her videos, but they're usually more subtle than this, typically only lasting for a fraction of a second to 2 seconds at a time, which is too subtle for blind fanboys to notice

The funniest part about her wiki descriptions & google results is the hypocritical, completely backwards "despite no evidence of cheating" that always crops up
>There's overwhelming evidence of cheating in many of her videos as described above
>Rabid fanboys blindly brown nose her despite the complete absence of any evidence that she's actually the person playing the game
The absolute state of Nekomiya Hinata fans...

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I don't even care for Alps all too much or whatever the fuck that idiot from earlier was posting with Irisviel. But your skepticism is noted.

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I'm at least 80% sure that's not him.

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>having autism
speak for yourself. I have great social skills

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I don't think I've ever encountered one RTK user who actually learned Japanese to a significant degree. It's all just eternal dekinais jerking each other off about mnemonic decks and anki reps. Even this thread used to shit on RTK and say just read before it got taken over by dumbass e-celeb worshipping discord kiddos

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I really wish I could take this apology at face value, but I can't. I've given Sekai so many chances over the years and they've just blown every one of them. Sorry. Even if this is the most heartfelt apology in the world, I've been burned too much. The most I can do is support MG, JAST, Sol Press, and Frontwing and hope they continue to grow and that Sekai continues to shrink.

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Why bother writing corruption or transformation when it'd just result in chest slapping retards sperging out over possible /u/ content.

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2D female kemono is better than 3DPD

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We all agree that Purgatory is stupid though, right?

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I won't disagree that as far as writers go I'm basically Low TI3R God

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As the guy who wrote the original response to Anon about the three Dire species... she is what you want her to be.

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Probably, but I digress. My standards for monstergirls is exceedingly low. I find the Sith's designs "cute", but would never think to consider ever dicking one if I had any say in the matter.

Especially because A) I'm not a fan of rug burn, and B) Fucking furries, man.

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