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my wife

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Why does OG Ange blush when she's angry?

My theory is that she has internalized her humiliation at the hands of her bullies. She's now a perpetua humiliatee in her mind. She felt so much rage every time her enormous ego was shattered to pieces during her humiliations, that now her mind can't separate the feelings of RAGE from the feelings of SHAME. They are both mixed together and she can't get angry without having flashbacks of her humiliations or feel any amount of shame without getting super angry about it.

That's why she blushes and feels the pain of humiliation when she's mad at Beatrice. That's why she gets so angry whenever Amakusa says anything even remotely negative about her.

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But Ange had black eyes too in the original.

Can that sprite be restored to the Steam version without entirely replacing the towel one? Or would it take some scripting and messing around with the code? Not that it matters anyway because the translation is far from great.

How is that anon doing, by the way? The one that was patching the original Japanese releases with the English script and improving the translation?

Also, is it true that Hou's first disc (which contains the original 8 episodes) removes the nude sprite? I hope not.

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Why is OG Ange so soulful and plump and cute and humiliatable and sexy?

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