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...Okay, /jp/, I have a story for you, and a question.

I've recently come to college. At college, I've been trying to obscure my powerlevel, It's been working fairly well, but due to my general social awkwardness, I haven't really made any friends. So, today, I decide to go down to see some event that's going on, and in the basement, there was bowling and games.

Because I've always liked bowling, I head down to the basement. But the bowling lanes are all full, so I go to see what else is going on.

I see a DDR machine. Except it wasn't DDR, it was In the Groove 2 or something like that. And, being as it's free, I go to play.

I get to the character select screen. There are touhou characters. I got to the music screen, there's touhou music.

....Are any of you /jp/ anons responsible for this? I nearly shat bricks.

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Touhou UFO, not so good.

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Touhou 12 predictions?

- Since there have been no mid-boss in any of the earlier stages, Stage 4 is going to have one for sure.
- ZUN will stay with the same formula. Stage 6, not loli. Extra Stage boss, a loli.
- Like it have been said before, Nazrin as the extra stage mid-boss. The theory is because all bosses of every stage have been extra stage mid-bosses by now. EoSD - Patchouli (4), PCB - Chen (2), IN - Keine (3), MoF - Kanako (6), SA - Sanae (5). Leaving only Stage 1.

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