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In the twentieth installment, the participating members are Shimizu Maria (Gunma Prefecture), Takahashi Ayane (Saitama Prefecture), Oguri Yui (Tokyo Prefecture), and Hidaritomo Ayaka (Yamanashi Prefecture).
Today’s theme is “What I want to cosplay right now!”

Q: What does Oguri Yui want to cosplay right now?

A: A sweets cosplay

----The topic this time is “What I want to cosplay right now”, if you could.

Oguri: I really love sweets. So I’d like to make a costume that has a lot of my favorite sweets. Then I could eat some when I want to eat, so there are less and less sweets, that sort of feeling would be nice.

----What sorts of sweets?

Oguri: Hmm… like chocolate, and rice crackers, and gummies… and Country Marm. Marshmallows would be a little too weak, but I really like baked marshmallows.

----Have you gone to private Halloween parties before?

Oguri: Well when I was about six, I walked around my neighborhood in cosplay and got a lot of candy.

Shimizu: That’s not private!

Hidaritomo: As expected of Tokyo…

Takahashi: You couldn’t do that in my town, you’d stand out too much!

----What did you dress up as?

Oguri: Um, a devil? I think I remember wearing a devil-like costume.

Q: What does HIdaritomo Ayaka want to cosplay right now?

A: Gore makeup

Hidaritomo: Lately I’ve really wanted to try doing gore makeup. There is some makeup that makes it really look like there’s blood, or that you’re actually a zombie or a wolf, it’s a really scary sort of cosplay.

----Aren’t you weak with scary things?

Hidaritomo: I’m a little weak with them, but I want to try it out. Oh, speaking of, at last year’s Halloween handshake event I was a witch.

Shimizu: I was a pumpkin! I even remember making pumpkin cookies!

Hidaritomo: Maria really likes making sweets! They’re all really delicious!

Q: What does Takahashi Ayane want to cosplay right now?

A: Anime character cosplay

Takahashi: Hmm, well last year I dressed as Little Red Riding Hood… so maybe a cat.

Hidaritomo: Something like a cop would suit you!

Takahashi: Ah, an anime cosplay would also be good. I want to do a serious costume.

----What anime?

Takahashi: Well recently I’ve liked “Love Live” so maybe someone from that. Also I’ve wanted to dye my hair green and do Hatsune Miku. And “Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica” seems like it would be good.

Oguri: That totally fits you! I want to see!

----Takahashi-san, have you gone to any private Halloween parties?

Takahashi: No, I’ve just gone around my neighborhood.

Shimizu: Eh?! Didn’t you just say that in your hometown that would be embarrassing?!

Takahashi: No, because I didn’t dress up! I just walked around my neighborhood and went to houses asking “Sweets please.” Neighborhood kids also come to my house so I always have to prepare a lot of sweets.

Hidaritomo: That sounds fun! I’d like to see it…

Shimizu: Urban areas are totally different aren’t they…

Q: What does Shimizu Maria want to cosplay right now?

A: Maiko-san

----What would suit Shimizu-san?

Takahashi: A Maiko-san would be good! Maiko-san!

Shimizu: Wearing Japanese clothing on Halloween seems sort of weird. Maybe if I put it on backwards.

Oguri: Maybe a sheep or a horse?

Shimizu: Isn’t the hurdle a bit high? Maybe I could do the bottom half of a horse and the top half of a sheep so some sort of weird centaur maybe that would be okay…

Oguri: Would you actually do that?

Shimizu: No, there’s no way I could.

----Shimizu-san and Hidaritomo-san haven’t been to private Halloween parties, correct?

Hidaritomo: Yeah, I never have.

Shimizu: I can’t even really remember there ever being candy in my house or neighborhood. But an older lady in the neighborhood would give candy to all the kids and I always got a warm and gentle feeling from her.

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