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SKE is dead in the water. Can't even do yuri properly and that was literally their thing.
Was it fuck. Yuri has always been SKE's schtick.

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No it really can't.

Japans birth rate is declining because of social restrictions and traditional working values where they don't get paid overtime and as such Bosses make them work weekends evenings and then go out drinking after work. Japanese men don't have time to fuck which is killing their birth rate. Nothing else.

Social justice groups and femininsm in particular believe that biology can be broken down in favor of societal control. This has always led to failure often spectacularly so.

This will all blow up eventually. Our biology is in place for a reason. By attempting to deny it we end up with stupid shit like furry's, transexuals and the idea that being gay is normal. Which has led to suicide rates amongst transexuals and the gay community which would make your eyes boggle and declining birth rates on a world wide scale (Except heavily religious countries like India and predominantly muslim countries who are out reproducing every other country on earth) and the destruction of our societies will soon follow.

Fucking with this shit is killing our species..

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