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All of these and previous explanations seem reasonable. I should probably pick the ones that appeal to me the most, come up with my own (personally, I enjoy the thought of Yukari using her mastery over boundaries in creative ways like this one) or just stop overthinking it altogether. It's just a fantasy after all. I believe she could make it reality if she wanted to, though, especially if you asked her nicely. And damn, is the picture you quoted hot. It has to be my favorite caption featuring Yukari and probably my favorite caption overall.

What I remember from Eirin's article is that youkai don't really need medicine for physical illnesses due to being mostly spiritual beings, so their medicine is mental and is much stronger than the human counterpart (I think a youkai/human would actually get poisoned if they tried the opposite pill). I don't recall it implying similarities in youkai and human thought processes, but maybe it went over my head and I need to re-read both BAiJR and PMiSS.

I'm not a big fan of Yukari&Maribel connection. I prefer to think of them as unrelated characters. Or at least, as not related by blood. But it's okay if you think otherwise.

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>a female porn manga artist that released Medaka Box and Urusei Yatsura works in comike, and then became an AV actress

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Don't keep her waiting, anon.

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What will you tell her, anon?

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How does this make you feel, anon?

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