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Rena knows that, she's not stupid. When she thinks about becoming a stripper, she knows it's not her smelly human ass that the audience wants to see. It's the total degradation of a human being, reduced to a naked animal devoid of dignity. That's the obscene image they want to burn in their minds.

It's interesting how Satoko or Mion would be disgusted if Rena sat her naked ass on their faces, and yet most men would enjoy it quite a bit. It proves that girls' asses are not objectively attractive or lewd. It's possible to want nothing to do with them, so their lewdness is subjective. Rena is such a perfect, adorable, smart girl, and yet... and yet... she has an objectively disgusting human body! Shameful! Pathetic! Humiliating! Even cute girls can't escape from the shame of being human!

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