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Bumping because the trolls are fagets

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Ronery has been banned on /jp/ from the very first day. Get over it.

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Cry moar. You go to /trv/. I'm not going there. I'll keep reporting your shit too.


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I want the sticky back.

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I went to sleep I come back and this kind of shit is still here. /jp/ doesn't exist so you can come here and dump crap or carry on conversations that belong on IRC or in IM. Try #/jp/ on Rizon for your conversations. All it is, is a giant lurk currently. Keep the pure loli threads with bullshit conversations off of /jp/. /jp/ Isn't for your Shujo Chara threads either Anime and Non Touhou Manga goes in /a/. You are a bunch of little spoiled children constantly bawwwwwwing to get your way even when your way is wrong. /jp/ isn't your dumping ground.

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No you actually are actively trying to get /jp/ deleted. YOUR OLD /a/ IS NEVER COMING BACK EVEN IF /jp/ GETS REMOVED.

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