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>Latest Release (0.502e13):
>Latest Map Editor (v1.0)
>Latest Source (0.502e13, MapEditor v1):

>What this is:
Shanghai.EXE was a Touhou-themed Megaman Battle Network clone.
Then the original developer got a C&D from Capcom and shut everything down, just before it was completed.
Luckily, someone leaked a donor-wall demo build, and the whole thing was made in C#, which meant it could be decompiled.
This is a modified/translated version of that demo build, along with a handful of bugfixes.
The end goal is to finish the rest of the game, which off the top of my head involves the final battle, the postgame areas/bosses, some sidequests, and netplay.

>New stuff since last thread:
I have no fucking clue, I want to know what is going on but it's been two weeks since the last thread died, and I want to know how it is doing, hence me making this thread. If no progress has been made then this thread will fall into the Undernet until the next actual update happens

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