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I forgot this

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any Mogi bros here

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>being mad at having an oshi who is 90% more likely to scandal by sucking dick, rather than having a /u/ oshi.
Truly cucks are the WORST.

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I'll date Mogi, regardless if she is man or woman.

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Nigger you suck at fanfiction. Why would Yukarun the most beta girl on earth touch another girls tits. And Miki would just be a faggot about it.

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Same. I'm transpacific but some of my favourite girls are tomboys and look like trannies.

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I don't know how they let them get away with this one.
Saho regularly tried to stimulate Mogi's ears to get her off and regularly tried to sneak in her hotel bed whenever she had the chance
Saho's mango must have been oozing.

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>you will never be dominated by mogi
>you will never dominate saho
why even live

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