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Do you know that there's always middle ground between opposite end?
If I think both the trannyfags and anti-trannyfags are equally autistic and responsible for ruining these threads, where do you think I'm standing?

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Calm down anon, censorship is still on topic of this thread. It is one aspect of Japanese porn worth having civilized discussion here.
I just wish people can educate themselves on why the censorship exists and why it's not that easy to get rid of it.

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Tsubomi? Of course, 11 years on and still pure as virgin snow.

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It's just that Tsubomi isn't an outgoing person, I think. Other than during promotion/event purpose I hardly see her with other actresses. She hardly talked anything in her twitter too other than "I just updated my blog" and then said blog post only consisted 1-2 short paragraphs anyway.

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