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This is a curious symptom known to plague certain people just like you (you're not alone!), but fear not! There are ways to remedy this and let you have a fuller experience.

Take your pants off and masturbate until your penis is erect and you are about to feel like you have to go pee-pee. Now, take a pair of scissors, open them, and slide your penis between the blades. Make sure the blades are pressed firmly against the base of your penis, and close the scissors quickly. Make sure to do this as fast as you can. You will feel a momentary discomfort, but testimony shows that this should lead to increased experience playing as females in videogames!

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I see her as a cute onee-san character that is misunderstood. She likes children, but they are afraid of her.

Kinda like /jp/

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Would you have sex with a curious, cute dom who wants to keep arousing you with any and all fetishes you have, but wants to keep you cumming many time in a roll and stimulating you after you come until you can get hard again, for hours on end? She thinks you can come many times because it's like that in your hentai collection

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